About Work Center Profiles

Work Center profiles are customized sets of Dashboard, PM, and/or SM Work Centers.

Use the VA Work Center Profile form to create profiles. Once a profile has been created, users can apply them to their application window using the User Profile drop down on the Work Centers form (Options > Work Centers). This can reduce the amount of set up that each user has to perform before using the Work Centers feature.
Note: Users must be given access to the appropriate templates using the VA Work Center Security form before they can access or add a Work Center, regardless of whether the user has been given access to a Work Center Profile that includes the related work center. For example, if a user has been given access to a work center profile that includes the PM template, but has not been given access to the PM template in the VA Work Center Security form, that user will be unable to access or add a PM Work Center.

Once the admin set up is complete, users can follow the steps in Add a Work Center - Users to add Work Centers to their application windows.