Add a Work Center - Users

You can add work centers to the Vista main menu and set them up as needed for your use.

Your system administrator must enable the Work Centers feature and set up one or more Work Centers. You can then add Work Centers to your Vista application window, and set them up for your own use. The changes you make are visible only you.
  1. (Optional) Allow multiple instances of the same form to be open at once. Selecting this checkbox affects the entire application, not just the Work Centers.
    1. From the main menu, select Options > User Options.
    2. In the General Options section, select the Allow multiple instances of a form checkbox.
    3. Click OK.
  2. From the main application window, select Options > Work Centers.
    The Work Centers form displays, showing all Work Centers already added to the application window.
  3. Click New.
    The Work Center - Select form opens.
  4. Select the type of Work Center to add.
    • Dashboard
    • Project Management
    • Service Management
    • Accounting
    Note: Only the Work Centers that you have access to will display. Admins use the VA Work Center Security form to set up security on Work Center templates.
  5. Click Next.
    The Work Centers Settings form opens.
  6. In the Name field, enter the title for the work center tab.
  7. In the Refresh Interval field, enter the refresh interval in minutes or accept the default. The system automatically refreshes the work center data at this frequency.
  8. If you want Vista to open automatically to this Work Center, select the Load this Work Center Tab as Default on Startup checkbox.
  9. (Dashboard Work Centers Only) In the Template drop down menu, select how the new tab will be organized.
    Note: Only templates that you have been granted access to appear in the Template drop down menu. If you only have access to only one template, this drop down does not display.
  10. Click Finish.
The Work Centers form displays the new Work Center. You can now customize the Work Centers on your application window.
(Optional) Click Move Up and Move Down to set the display order of the Work Center tabs in the main menu.