Assign a Work Center Profile to your user account

Apply a Work Center profile to the user account using the Work Center form.

See VA Work Center Profile for more information on creating a Work Center profile.

Form more information about creating work center profiles, see Creating a Work Center Profile.

To apply a Work Center profile to your user account:

  1. Open the Work Centers for by selection Options > Work Centers from the main application window.
  2. Select the profile that you want to apply to the user account in the User Profile drop down menu.
    Note: If the profile does not display in the drop down menu, you probably do not have security access to it. The Work Center profile will display only if your user account is associated with a security group that is also set up on the Work Center profile. Security groups are added to Work Center profiles using the Security Groups tab on VA Work Center Profile.
  3. The tabs set up on the selected Work Center profile will populate in the grid. You can edit these tabs, or remove and add more tab using this form. Follow the steps in the Add additional tabs section in this document for more information on making adding new tabs. The changes that you make here will only affect how the selected profile will display on your user account - they will not change the profile.
  4. If you want to remove all of the modifications that you've made to the profile, click the Reset button.
  5. Click OK once the profile has been applied and changes have been made. This will close the form and the new profile will be applied to the main application window.