Configure Work Center Grid Columns

You can change the column display in the grid panel for any inquiry in a work center to show only those column that you want to see and reduce the need to scroll. You can also change a column's heading, width, and position in the grid.

Depending on the inquiry you select, the grid panel may contain numerous columns, requiring you to scroll to see columns not displayed in the immediate space.

Using the Column Settings form, you can configure how the columns will display in the Work Center grid.

  1. From the main menu, click on the desired Work Center (Dashboard, PM, SM, or Accounting).
  2. In the Items pane, select the inquiry to display.
  3. In the Grid pane toolbar, click Column Settings > .
  4. Click on the Column Settings () icon above the grid in a PM or SM Work Center, or any grid in a Dashboard Work Center.
  5. In the Column Settings form, use the controls and fields to configure how the columns will display in the grid:
    • Add/remove a column - Use the >, <, or <</>> buttons to add or remove grid columns. All columns listed in the Selected columns panel display in the work center grid.
      Note: You can also right-click in a grid and select Hide Column or Show Column in the context menu.
    • Change the column order - In the Selected columns panel, use the top (), up (), down (), or bottom () arrows to change the order in which the columns appear in the grid.
    • Autosize all columns - Select this check box to have the system automatically size the columns in the grid so that all of the information displays.
    • Change a column heading - Highlight a column in the Selected columns panel and enter the new column heading in the Caption field.
    • Change a column width (Enabled only if the Autosize all columns check box is not selected) - Highlight a column in the Selected columns section and then enter the new column width in the Width field.
      Note: You can also change the width of a column directly in the Work Center grid.
  6. Click OK.