Customize a Hot List Query in a PM or SM Work Center

You can customize Hot List queries for PM and SM Work Centers so they display the information you want.

Follow the steps below to customize a Hot List query for a PM or SM Work Center. Changes made to a Hot List query using this option only affect how the query displays on the selected Work Center for your user account. If you have multiple Work Centers, only the selected Work Center is affected by the changes.
  1. Select the Work Center (PM or SM) containing the Hot List item to change.
  2. From the Hot List menu folder (Items > Hot Lists), select the query you want to change (e.g. Overdue Work Orders) so that it displays in the grid section (center pane).
  3. Click the Inquiry Settings icon () above the grid.
    The Inquiry Settings form displays.
  4. Use the Inquiry tab to modify the maximum number of items that will display on the query grid.
  5. Use the Parameters tab to customize which items will display in the list.
    A description of each parameter displays in the Description column, including the expected format of the parameter value.
    • In the SM Work Center, if the Overdue Work Orders query should only include work orders due within 14 days from today's date, enter 14 in the Parameter Value field of the @DaysFromToday parameter.
    • In the PM Work Center, if the Hot List should only include PCOs with a create date within the last two days, enter %D-2 in the @PCOCreationDateFilter field.
    Note: When entering parameter values, make sure that you do not include the spaces, apostrophes, or <>'s that display in the format description. For more information, see About Parameter Values.
  6. Click OK to save the changes.
The Hot List is updated with your changes.

For additional information about customizing queries, see About the VA Inquiries Form.