Save a Work Center

Saving an existing Work Center as your own makes it available for you to add to your Vista application windows. Sharing it makes it available to other users to add to their application windows.

You can use shared Work Centers as a starting point for your own. To share a Work Center with others, you first need to create and save one. If needed, see Add a Work Center - Users.
If you add a Work Center that was saved by another user, you can modify it to meet your needs in these ways:
  • change the inquiry grid column headings
  • hide inquiries
  • add new inquires
  • enter filter criteria in the Work Center header (the area above the Work Center panels).

Because the system saves each Work Center by owner, once you save your changes, the Work Center is stored in the VA Work Center Library without affecting the originating Work Center.

  1. Go to Main Menu > Options > Work Centers.
  2. In the Work Centers grid, select the Work Center you want to save as your own.
  3. Click Save.

    The Save To Work Center Library form displays.

  4. In the Work Center Name field, enter a name for the Work Center.
  5. Decide if this Work Center should be made available to all other users and make a selection in the Share with drop-down:
    • Public - to make the work center available to other users
    • None - only you can view and use the Work Center
  6. Click Save.
The work center is saved to the VA Work Center Library.