About Timestamping Notes

You can enter timestamped notes or comments on several forms throughout Vista.

For some Notes fields, timestamping is provided as a standard. For other Notes fields, you can enable timestamping using the Display as Timestamp Notes checkbox on the System Overrides tab in the Field Properties form (F3). To enable this feature, you must be designated as a Form Administrator in the VA User Profile form.

To enter timestamped notes, double-click the pertinent record to open the Time Stamp Notes window.

The Time Stamp Notes window has two panes:
  • The upper pane displays all previously entered notes. These cannot be edited or deleted.
  • Add new notes in the lower pane. When you click Add, your newly added note appears in the top pane, along with the date, time, and login name.
    Tip: To indent the first line of a paragraph or create the appearance of columns, press Ctrl + Tab for each tab increment.
Add a Standard Note

Standard notes make it easier and faster to insert frequently used text. You must first create these entries using the HQ Standard Note form.

To insert a standard note into a Notes field, place the focus in the bottom pane, right-click, and select Standard Notes . In the Standard Note Copy window that opens, select which standard note to copy (or press F4 to choose from a list) and click OK. The system inserts the selected note into the field.

Spelling Check
Place the focus in the lower pane and right-click and select Spelling.