Configure Vista to Send Emails

Configuring Vista to send emails enables multiple time-saving processes.

You will need access to the Vista application server. Typically it's the system administrator that takes these configuration steps.
This configuration allows the Viewpoint application server to locate and communicate with the Exchange server. The business processes enabled include:
  • sending pay stubs and tax documents to employees
  • the Create and Send functionality in the Project Management module
  • sending Workflow notifications
  1. From the Windows Start menu on the Vista application server, select All programs > Viewpoint Construction Software > Configure Viewpoint Remote Service.
    The Viewpoint Configuration form appears.
  2. Click on the Services tab.
  3. In the Host field of the SMTP section, enter the IP number or the DNS name of your exchange server.
  4. In the Port field, enter the port number used on the server for SMTP.
  5. If your relay is expecting an encrypted transmission, select the Use SSL/TLS check box. This ensures the email connection runs under either SSL or TLS protocols, which are secure protocols.
    Note: Some email services will accept only connections from SSL or TLS. If you select this check box, make sure the Host and Port settings support SSL or TLS.
  6. In the System email address field, enter the 'from' email address to use in emails sent via SMTP by the Vista system.
  7. If your SMTP service requires authentication and the service is within an NT domain, fill in the Domain, User name, and Password fields.
  8. Click OK.