Work Flow

The Workflow module has three basic components:

  • Process Workflows - Process Workflows force documents that meet a defined criteria to follow a specific approval/review process. For example if all PO items for a job that are greater than $25,000 need to be reviewed by the project manager before they can be sent to accounting, you can create a Process Workflow in the application so that the system enforces this approval process. More Info
  • Checklists - A checklist is a list of tasks that need to be performed to complete a workflow - for example, the tasks necessary to complete a Month-End Accounts Payable Log. The tasks in a checklist can be customized and assigned to specific users, which gives users a way to see what tasks they need to perform. It also gives administrators/managers a way to control how a workflow is performed and allows them to review the current progress of specific workflows. Checklists are outlined in the online training materials. Select Help > Training from any form in Vista. After logging into ClearView, search for "introduction to workflow checklists" in the Viewpoint Learning Center. In the search results, select the option that most closely meets your needs.
  • Notifier - Notifier handles the automated email notifications generated by the Process Workflow and Checklists features, and it can be used to create your own notifications. More Info