General Features

Vista 2022 R2 delivers on General user-requested enhancements, fixes, and other improvements.

New Timestamp Notes Option

You can now enable timestamping for Notes fields so that each entry is recorded with the date and time, as well as the user who entered the note.

To implement this functionality, a Display as Timestamp Note check box was added to the System Overrides tab on the Field Properties (F3) form. This check box is enabled only for Notes fields with a bNotes datatype.

When selected, each time a note is entered in that field, it is stamped with the date, time, and user's login name. You cannot change or delete the notes, as long as the timestamp option is in effect. If you deselect the Display as Timestamp Note check box, you can change or delete any previously entered timestamped notes.

Note: You can only set this option if you are designated as a Form Administrator in the VA User Profile form and have security access to the System Overrides tab.

For more information, see About Timestamping Notes.

SSRS Reports Launch in Your Default Browser

With the expiration of MS Internet Explorer, Vista no longer requires IE be set as your default browser to accommodate certain functionality. Vista will now refer to your default app settings in all circumstances.

Updated Vista Main Menu

This release includes some minor changes to the Vista Main Menu interface as follows:

  • The company logo (defined in the HQ Company Setup form) is now displayed on the right side of the main menu.
  • When the Menu and Work Center tabs are not in focus, they are now gray instead of black.
  • The expand/collapse icons in the navigation menu were changed from plus/minus (+, -) to carets ( ).

Updated Vista Help Menu

The Help menu on the Vista main menu includes the following minor changes:

  • The options displayed in the Help menu drop-down were rearranged to show the more frequently used options higher in the list. The display order is now Viewpoint Help, Customer Portal & Support, User Community, Training, System, What's New, and About Vista.
  • In the User Community drop-down menu, the Viewpoint Network option was renamed to The Network, to reflect the actual name of the website. In addition, the link now takes you to the Trimble Viewpoint Services homepage, with focus on The Network landing page.
  • Renamed the Help option to Viewpoint Help for better clarity.