Human Resources Features

Vista 2022 R2 delivers on user-requested Human Resources enhancements, fixes, and other improvements.

New Federal Tax Exempt Flag (U.S. only)

You can now flag a resource as exempt from Federal tax withholding, eliminating the need to set up a calculation override for Federal withholding deduction codes in PR Employee Dedns/Liabs.

A Federal Tax Exempt check box was added to the HR Resources form, Payroll Info tab. When selected for an resource, the system calculates a zero amount for Federal withholding during payroll processing, overriding any calculation overrides you may have set up for the employee/deduction code in PR Employee Dedns/Liabs.

The Federal Tax Exempt check box was also added to the PR Employees form. For information, see Payroll Features.

Note: If you select the W4 Info check box in HR Company Parameters, changes to the Federal Tax Exempt check box in either HR Resources or PR Employees automatically updates the corresponding check box in the other form. If the W4 Info check box is not selected, you must manually update this flag in both forms.

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