Review Unapproved Invoices

Use the AP Unapproved Invoice Review form to view invoices assigned to you. Approving and rejecting are the most common tasks when reviewing unapproved invoices and invoice lines.

You can apply a variety of filtering options to locate specific invoices. Once you find the appropriate invoice, you can then set an approval status to the invoice/lines.
Tip: To review all unapproved invoices within a specified month range, regardless of status, use the AP Unapproved Invoices report. You can also run this report to show rejected invoices by selecting the “Print Rejected Only?” report parameter and leaving the Beginning and Ending Month parameters blank. Access this report from the AP Reports folder or by selecting Options > Reports from this form.

To review unapproved invoices:

  1. In the AP Unapproved Invoice Review form, enter the reviewer ID in the Reviewer field. Press F4 for a list of available reviewers. Your current login must be associated with the reviewer for the system to allow access to the invoices assigned to a reviewer ID. Login access is defined in HQ Reviewers.
  2. Select the line types for filtering from the Line Types field. This field defaults to all line types selected. To filter by one line type, click the line type. Shift-click to select multiple, consecutive line types. Control-click to select multiple line types that are not consecutive.
  3. Select the Display All Reviewer Invoices check box to filter for all invoices that are assigned to this reviewer, even those that are approved or rejected. If you do not select this check box, only invoices that are not either approved or rejected will display.
    Note: Even if this check box is selected, the following do not display in the grid:
    • Approved invoices that are in a posting batch or that have already been posted. See AP Unapproved Invoice Posting.
    • Invoices with readiness status of 0 - Not Ready.
  4. To search for invoices related to a specific job, select the Display Invoices posted to a selected job check box.
    The system enables the JC Co # and Job fields. Enter the company and job in the JC Co # and Job fields.
  5. To display all invoices meeting the criteria you've entered, click Refresh.
    Tip: The filtering section of the form collapses when records display in the header grid. Click the button to reopen the filtering section.
    Note: If you are using a hierarchical method of approval, the system only displays to you the invoices/lines whose lower approval sequences have already been sufficiently approved by reviewers assigned to those sequences. For more information, see Setting Hierarchy to Reviewers in Groups.
  6. To assign the same status to all invoice lines currently displayed in the line detail level of the form, set the status at the header by selecting either the Approved or Rejected check box. If you choose to reject the invoice, the system enables the Reject Reason field; use this field to enter the reason for rejection or press F4 for a list of available reasons.
    Note: If the selected invoice is missing data, the system displays “Missing Information” in red in the header area of the form. If you have security access to the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form, you can click Invoice Setup to add additional data. When you access the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form in this way, you can view and edit only the currently selected invoice.

    If you are reviewing invoices as a member of a reviewer group, and can approve any lower-level sequences assigned to other reviewers, the system displays “Up Level Approver” in blue in the header section of the form. For more information see Setting Hierarchy to Reviewers in Groups.

  7. To assign approval status to an invoice line, highlight the invoice in the header level. The system displays all lines for the invoice in the detail section of the form.
  8. To set the approval status for each line individually, select the line and then select either the Approved or Rejected check box. If you choose to reject the line, the system enables the Reject Reason field; use this field to enter the reason for rejection or press F4 for a list of available reasons.
    Note: Additional fields allow you to make changes to specific line information. These fields display based on line type, but are limited to:
    • Job: JC Co, Job, Phase, and Cost Type
    • Inventory: IN Co and Location
    • Expense: GL Co and GL Acct
    • Equipment: EM Co, Equipment, Cost Code, and Cost Type
    • SM Work Order: SM Co, SM Work Order, Scope, SM Cost Type, and JC Cost Type (job-related work orders only).
    When you review lines whose type is PO or SL, the system displays additional information. See About Reviewing PO and SL Lines.

    If you need to make additional changes, click Invoice Setup to access the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form.

    Certain members of reviewer groups can receive email notifications when any reviewer of that group rejects an invoice or line of an invoice. Set these options in the HQ Reviewer Group form. Additionally, if you're using WF Notifier functionality and if the reviewers are set up in VA User Profile for email notifications, the system can send out emails to the relevant reviewers based on other events.

  9. You can enter notes about the invoice using the Invoice Notes header tab or the Line Notes tab or the Reviewer Notes tab by first double-clicking in the field. Lines notes are posted with a time stamp and cannot be deleted.
    Tip: Additionally, you can assign standard notes to either the Invoice Notes or Line Notes tabs. Select a tab and then select Edit > Insert Standard Note. The Std Note Copy form displays. Use this form to enter a standard note. For more information, see Standard Note Copy .
  10. Save the record as normal.
If you did not select the Display All Reviewer Invoices check box in step 3, the system removes each line that you approve or reject from view. To view already-approved or rejected invoices, click the button and select the box, then click Refresh.