AP Pay Category Form

Use the AP Pay Category form to set up and define pay categories.

Pay categories allow you to define multiple combinations of pay types to represent different regions or divisions within a company. If each division (or location, region, branch, office, etc.) requires separate GL accounts, you can set up your pay types accordingly, then assign them to the appropriate pay categories here.

You only need to use this form if you implement multi-divisional accounting and have selected the Using Payable Category check box in the AP Company Parameters form.

For each category you set up, you can specify pay types for expense, job, subcontract, and retainage payables. Pay type assignments are not required; however, if you leave a pay type blank here and you do not allow overrides to pay type (an option in the AP Company Parameters form), transaction lines referencing the pay category defaults a null pay type and the posting program displays an error during transaction entry. Therefore, you should make sure that all pay categories are assigned their appropriate pay types.
Note: If you are using the Restrict Pay Type to Pay Category feature (in the AP Payable Types form), you can only assign pay types to a category that has been restricted to that specific pay type. Unassigned pay types (those with the Restrict Pay Type to Pay Category left blank) can be assigned to any pay category. For more information, see AP Payable Types Form.