AP Payment History Form

Use the AP Payment History form to review payment history or to add historical payments that occurred prior to system implementation. The system accumulates payment history each time you post a payment batch.

For each posted check, electronic funds transfer (EFT), or credit service payment, the system makes entries to this form. Header information displays on the Info tab and detail information displays on the AP Payment History Detail tab. While you can edit any historical payments that you enter during system implementation, you cannot edit payment history that occurs directly in the system.

Additionally, you might use this form to keep track of payments by adding a user-defined field to track payment status.

Important: You should fully understand the use and limitations of this form before using it. Use this form with extreme caution, as it does not update to any other form. It is recommended that you restrict access to this form to as few people as possible.

Once you enter payment information in the header fields, the form displays all of the information about the payment, including the payee, check date and amount, and second-party payee (if applicable). The AP Payment History Detail tab displays all transactions that were included with the payment.

For record keeping, you may want to enter historical payments that occurred prior to implementing Vista™. You can use this form to enter payment information, but not transaction details.

Note: The system does not update GL or CM with payment information that you enter in this form. Additionally, this information does not affect any existing AP transactions.