AP Vendor Activity Form

Use the AP Vendor Activity Form to maintain or change vendor totals by month.

A vendor’s Invoiced and Paid amounts, as well as Discount Offered and Taken amounts, are accumulated as expenses and payments are posted to that vendor. Totals are updated to the APVA database table as follows:

AP Vendor Activity

Updated by changes to these forms


AP Transaction Entry, AP Recurring Invoices


AP Payment Posting, AP Prepaid Process

Discount Offered

AP Payment Posting, AP Prepaid Process

Discount Taken

AP Payment Posting, AP Prepaid Process

These amounts are automatically updated when you make changes in forms in the AP system; it is not required that you update these totals during the startup of your system. Furthermore, once the system is in full use, you should NOT need to adjust the totals in this form. You may wish to restrict access to this form.

If you have multiple companies sharing a Vendor Group (assigned in the HQ Company Setup form), the amounts shown in any given month is the sum of all transactions posted to the vendor in the specific AP company only. It does not include all companies sharing the same vendor group.

The totals accumulated here are stored in the Annual Totals file (APVA). You can design reports that use these totals for comparing purchasing volumes and analyzing discounts taken and lost.