AP Vendor Compliance Form

Use the AP Vendor Compliance form to associate compliance codes with specific vendors.

Once a compliance code has been set up for a vendor, all subcontracts and purchase orders posted to that vendor are affected. For information about compliance codes, see HQ Compliance Codes Form.

For each compliance code you add, the grid defaults the settings specified in the HQ Compliance Codes form. This includes whether the compliance code has been flagged to verify compliance, the expiration date (for Date-type codes), whether compliance has been met for the code, and whether the code is flagged for 'all invoice' compliance (to allow for tracking compliance on non-PO/SL invoices). You can override these settings if desired.

If you add or delete compliance codes for a vendor, the system searches to see if any open subcontracts (SL) or purchase orders (PO) exist for the vendor. If so, the AP Update PO/SL Compliance form displays.

Note: The Notes tab on this form displays notes entered for the vendor using the AP Vendors form. These notes are for viewing only; you can only add to or edit these notes in the AP Vendors form. To enter notes specific to this vendor/compliance code, use the Memo field.

AP Update PO/SL Compliance