AP Vendors Form

Use the AP Vendors form to define the static information about each vendor.

Many of the setup options you define here create the defaults in the AP posting forms, such as the vendor’s Tax Code, Payment Terms, GL Expense account (used when posting an Expense transaction), and EFT Info.

Duplicate Vendors

The Duplicate Vendors tab displays a list of vendors that you have designated as duplicates of the current vendor. You can add vendors to this tab using the AP Vendor Merge form or by adding them manually for a selected vendor.

When a vendor is added to this tab (manually or via AP Vendor Merge), the system merges it with the selected vendor, marks it as inactive, and displays a message on the vendor's record indicating it is inactive and a duplicate of the parent vendor. You can still access historical data for duplicate vendors, but you can no longer post invoices or other transactions to the them.

The vendor to which the duplicate vendor is linked becomes the Actual (or parent) vendor. An actual vendor can have multiple duplicate vendors, but you can only link a duplicate vendor to a single Actual vendor. If you determine a vendor is not a duplicate of the parent vendor, you can delete the vendor from the tab and the system reactivates the vendor.
Note: If you determine an Actual vendor is a duplicate of another vendor, you can assign it to the new vendor, and the system will mark the vendor as inactive and link it, along with its duplicates, to the new vendor.

For information about the vendor merge process, see AP Vendor Merge Form.

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