About the AR Miscellaneous Receipt Lines Form

You can use the AR Miscellaneous Receipt Lines form to post payments received from sources other than a customer.

Access this form by clicking the Misc Receipts button in AR Cash Receipts.

There are several major differences between posting miscellaneous receipts and customer payments. These differences include the following:

  • Miscellaneous receipts do not post to customer accounts. Instead of assigning customers, the system prompts you to enter a description of the payment.

  • Transactions are not invoice-related, so the payment application options used for customer payments (in AR Initialize Receipt) are not available. Instead, the system applies payments to lines that you set up in the lower section of this form.

  • You can post transactions to a specific job/phase or equipment/cost code.

  • Discounts and retainage are not applicable.

Entering Transaction Lines

When entering transaction lines, you must specify the type of receipt being entered. There are three types of miscellaneous receipts available:

  • O-Other – Use this type for non-job, non-equipment cash receipts, such as over-the-counter sales, plan deposits, or any other miscellaneous cash receipt in which only a GL account is credited.

  • J-Job – Use this type for job-related miscellaneous receipts; typically used to post refunds that will reduce the job’s costs.

  • E-Equip – Use this type for equipment-related miscellaneous receipts; typically used to post refunds that will reduce the equipment’s costs.

  • S-SM Work Order - Use this type for SM work order-related miscellaneous receipts, such as posting refunds that reduce work order costs.

Line amounts should be entered as positive values to balance with the check amount specified in the receipt header. However, job and equipment lines will post to their respective systems as negative costs.

If a miscellaneous cash receipt transaction line is intended to process the refund of a purchase amount previously paid to a vendor, and not to record a new sale, in the GL Acct field, enter a GL account whose Account Type is E-Expense (set in GL Chart of Accounts).

Posting Taxes

When posting taxes for a receipt transaction, do not enter the check amount in the Check Amount field if the check’s amount includes the tax amount. Instead, enter the pre-tax amount. The system automatically calculates the tax amount based on the specified tax code (Tax Code field in the line detail), and the Total Amount field will reflect the true check amount.

Changing Previously Posted Miscellaneous Receipts

You can make changes to a previously posted miscellaneous receipt by adding the transaction to the current batch (using File > Add Transaction in AR Cash Receipts). If the transaction’s deposit number has been cleared in CM, a message displays in the receipt header indicating the deposit has been reconciled; all CM-related inputs (check amount, company, account, and deposit) will be disabled, along with amount inputs.

Note: When you use F4 to find the transaction, look for transactions with a Transaction Type of ‘M’ (Miscellaneous Receipts). For more information about adding transactions to a batch, see AR Add Transaction to Batch.

Miscellaneous Distributions

The Misc Distributions tab allows you to distribute any amount of a miscellaneous cash receipt that requires separate accounting by your company. For more information, see AR Miscellaneous Distributions.

Show All Type Columns

Access this option from the Options menu. It is available only when focus is on Grid tab in the Lines section of the form. When this option is selected, the grid will display all of the columns associated with each of the different line types (Other, Job, and Equip), regardless of the current line type.

Note: The use of this option was intended for viewing purposes only. Displaying all line type columns increases the size of the grid, which can make data entry more cumbersome. Additionally, once you close the form, the grid automatically resets to the default (unchecked).