About the AR Customers Form

Use the AR Customers form to set up master information about each customer with whom you are doing business.

The Info tab is used to set up the basic static information for each customer, which includes the customer’s name and sort name, mailing and billing addresses, phone and fax numbers, and the contact information (i.e. extension number, email address, and URL address).

The Add’l Info tab is used to set up other information about the customer, such as the customer’s status, payment terms, receivable type, tax codes, statement type, and so forth. Many of these options, such as the payment terms, receivable types, and tax code, provide defaults used by the AR posting programs.

If you are using the Material Sales module, the Material Sales tab allows you to define default options used when selling and delivering materials to customers in MS (i.e. price and discount templates, and haul tax option). The Invoice options are used to define at what level invoices will be generated, the bill frequency, and the level of detail that will be included when printing invoices.

The Statement Delivery tab provides a history of statement delivery. Details include date sent, delivery method, status, the recipient, as well as email (for emailed statements) and/or address information (for mailed statements).

Statement Type

For each customer you set up (in AR Customers), you must define a statement type. The statement type is used to determine what type of account each customer will have, how payments will be applied, how finance/service charges will be calculated, if applicable, and which statement format will be used.
  • Balance Forward - Customers with this statement type will generally have cash receipts applied as open credits. In other words, payments are applied on the account balance. But if necessary, payments can be applied to specific invoices. If finance/service charges are to be used, they can only be calculated on account, not on selected invoices.
  • Open Item - Customers with this statement type typically have cash receipts applied to specific invoices, but do have the option of applying payments on account, if desired. If finance/service charges are to be used, they can be calculated either on account or on specific invoices.