About the AR Miscellaneous Distributions Form

You can use the AR Miscellaneous Distributions form to distribute any amount of a transaction that requires separate accounting by your company.

You can access this form from the Misc Distributions tab in the AR Invoice Entry, AR Cash Receipts, or AR Miscellaneous Receipts form by:
  • double-clicking the desired record, or

  • clicking anywhere in the line and selecting the Open Related Record in Form option from the Records menu.

Any type of distribution that you want to track can be entered using distribution codes that were set up in AR Misc Distribution Codes. These distribution codes can then be used in conjunction with Crystal Reports to create reports that can generate the needed information and totals for each type of distribution you use. Distributed amounts are not interfaced to JC or GL, nor do they affect transaction amounts.
  • Example 1 - You want to track company sales by salesperson for commission purposes. Set up a distribution code for each salesperson whose sales you will be tracking. When posting invoices, distribute the amount subject to commission to the appropriate salesperson by his/her designated distribution code. Then, create a report (Crystal Reports) that will show each salesperson's accumulated sales amounts and calculate the commission due each person.

  • Example 2 - Another common use for miscellaneous distributions is city business tax. In most cases city business taxes are paid annually or semi-annually. By distributing invoiced amounts subject to city business tax, you can keep a record of your taxable amounts. Then, create a report that gives you an accounting of taxable amounts. When you are ready to pay your business taxes, you can run the report to generate the accumulated taxable amounts for each city to which you owe a business tax and calculate the amounts due.

Miscellaneous distributions can be applied to any type of transaction. If you are tracking distributions on your Invoices, then most likely you will track them for Adjustments, Credit Memos, and Write-Offs. Distributed amounts for Adjustment transactions can be posted in positive or negative amounts. But if you are posting distributed amounts for a Credit Memo or Write-off, the posted amount is typically a negative amount. When entering the AR Miscellaneous Distributions form from a Credit Memo or Write-off transaction, the Invoice Amount automatically displays a negative amount. If you posted an Adjustment that resulted in a negative amount, the same will apply. Then, as you post the actual distribution, the Total Distributed displays a negative amount. This allows you to back out amounts distributed on the original invoice, so that when you run your reports, both sides of the transaction will display.
Note: You can have miscellaneous distributions generated automatically for invoices and/or cash receipts. Click here for more information.