About the AR Misc Distribution Codes Form

Use this program to set up miscellaneous distribution codes used by your company for any type of distribution for which separate accounting is required. Miscellaneous distributions do not affect the original invoice amount, nor do they affect payments made to an invoice. Additionally, no updates to GL are made for miscellaneous distributions. They are only used as a means of tracking billing information when creating reports in Crystal Reports. Miscellaneous distributions can be used:

  • to track sales by salesman or region.

  • as area revenue codes to account for taxable amounts for business licenses or local taxes based on revenue.

Each miscellaneous distribution code is assigned a description and a distribution rate, which is used in conjunction with the distributed amount to calculate potential taxes, commissions, or other assessments when printing reports. Custom fields (i.e. those created by a user) can be used to enter additional information about each miscellaneous code.

Once set up here, miscellaneous codes can be assigned to customers (in AR Customers) and/or contracts (in JC Contracts, JB Info tab or directly in JB Contract Info) to used as defaults when entering transactions in AR Invoice Entry, AR Cash Receipts, and/or JB T&M Bill Edit.