Cash Management

The Cash Management system provides you with the capabilities to analyze bank accounts and reconcile account statements.

  • It provides an up to the minute inquiry of checkbook balances, allowing review of each account’s current balance and statement status.

  • Updates to General Ledger accounts that are not typically updated from other modules can be accomplished using the CM Outstanding Entries program, recording items such as service/bank charges, interest earned, or adjustments for errors.

  • The CM Transfers program provides accurate record keeping for any type of funds transfer between accounts.

Bank account transactions are interfaced to CM from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll.

This module does not require a month end close procedure; however, within each bank account, one statement must be closed before you can begin to reconcile another. Closed statements remain available for review in the Reporting programs until the CM Statement Purge program is run.

For more information on using this module, see:

The Implementation Checklists and Processing Logs for this module are available in the Workflow module. To view the checklists and logs, use the WF Checklist Template form. For more information, see Work Flow.

If you do not have the Workflow module, use the WF Templates report (VA Reports menu) to view or print the checklists and logs.