General Ledger

All of Vista’s Accounting modules are fully integrated with the General Ledger.

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Account Codes

About Profit Centers

Developing Your Chart Of Accounts

About Fiscal Periods

Auto Reversing Journal Entries

Closing Ledgers

Deciding And Defining When To Go Live

Level Of Detail Interfaced To GL

Using Multiple Journals

Journal References

Automatic Journal Entry

Prior Year Reporting

Using Budgets

Setting Up Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flow Reports

The Implementation Checklists and Processing Logs for this module are available in the Workflow module. To view the checklists and logs, use the WF Checklist Template form. For information on processing the checklists and logs, click here.

If you do not have the Workflow module, use the WF Templates report (VA Reports menu) to view or print the checklists and logs.