About the GL Chart of Accounts Form

Use the GL Chart of Accounts form to set up the General Ledger Chart of Accounts for each company.

Each General Ledger account is identified by a unique account code, making up what is commonly known as a Chart of Accounts.

If using profit centers, enter all non-profit center accounts and all accounts for the first profit center, then use the GL Chart of Accounts Copier to copy accounts for each additional profit center. If you have another company already set up with similar accounts, you can use the Chart of Accounts Copier to copy that whole company and then make the necessary changes here.

Account Code Structure

The format of the GL account code is defined to your specifications at the time your software is installed. It cannot be changed once you begin entering data. The standard format of the account code is 5R.2LN2LN, but will allow for any format up to 20 characters (check with your System Administrator to see if your system is defined as something other than the standard). Refer to the Pre-Installation Worksheet for more information about the account code structure options. If profit centers are used, the account code includes the profit center, which will be set up as a multi-part code to define the length and accommodate breakdowns within the profit center, such as division, department, and location.

Account Numbers

Up to 20 characters are allowed for the account code. The specific code format was established by a pre-installation worksheet and set up by Viewpoint before your system was installed. For further information, consult your copy of the Vista™ Pre-Installation Worksheet and/or your System Administrator. You can obtain a copy of the Pre-Installation Worksheet by contacting your Software Consultant.

Important: Vista will allow you to enter alpha characters in your account number and is case-sensitive. For example, the system considers the account numbers 2125-000-HI and 2125-000-hi as different.