About the GL Budgets Form

Use the GL Budgets form to set up month-by-month budgets for any GL Account codes.

The GL Budgets form allows you to have monthly, quarterly, and annual amounts distributed automatically.


If you have not already initialized a budget, you can do so by selecting the Initialize Budgets option from the File menu. You can initialize the budget for the selected account based on existing data (actuals or budgets) or selected amounts (monthly, quarterly, or annual). For more information about initializing budgets, see About the GL Initialize Budgets Form.

Monthly Budgets

This tab is used to enter/edit the monthly budget amounts. If you initialized budgets, each month will default an amount based on initialization values. Amounts can be entered/edited as necessary.

Tip: You can use the system calculator (F6 or button on the toolbar) to calculate a monthly budget amount and return the value to the current field.

Compare Budgets

You can compare the budget amounts of the currently selected fiscal year to the actual or budgeted amounts from any fiscal year via GL Budget Compare, which is accessed by clicking the Compare button just below the toolbar. For more information about budget comparison, see About the GL Budget Compare Form.