About Group Assignments

Group assignments are defined on the Add'l Info tab in HQ Company Setup and are used to specify which 'non-master' code files the company will use.

Non-master code files are those that are either specific to a single company or shared by multiple companies (unlike master code files, which are used by all companies). These code files include AR Customers, AP Vendors, PM Firms, HQ Materials, HQ Tax Codes, JC Phases, JC Cost Types, EM Cost Codes, EM Revenue Codes, EM Shops, and HQ Contacts.

In order for non-master code files to be company-specific or shared by multiple companies, they are associated with groups (set up in HQ Groups). If you want your code files to be specific to a company, you will assign different groups to each company. Then, when you add, delete, or change codes in these files, you must be in the associated company. If you want multiple companies to share code filea, you will assign the same groups to each company that will share the file. For shared code files, you can add, change, or delete codes from within any of the companies assigned the same group.