HQ Frequency Codes Form

This program is used to set up frequency codes.

(Master File)

Frequency codes are used in PR to define when certain earnings codes or personal deduction/liability codes should be activated.

When setting up a new payroll period, the active frequency codes must be specified. That will activate the personal deductions and liabilities and the direct deposits set up in PR Employees, as well as the automatic earnings set up in PR Automatic Earnings Maintenance.

Frequency codes are also used when processing recurring invoices in AP and by GL Auto Journal Entry to determine entries selected for processing. When journals are set up in Auto Journal Entry Setup, they are assigned a frequency code. When running GL Auto Journal Entry, all entries assigned to the designated frequency code are pulled into the transaction batch file for processing.

Defining the Code

When setting up frequency codes, make sure the codes easily identify their use. The following is a list of suggested frequency codes:

  • Always

  • Week 3

  • Monthly

  • Week 1

  • Week 4

  • 10th of Month

  • Week 2

  • Week 5

  • Quarterly