HQ Groups Form

This program is used to set up groups.

(Master File)

Groups allow you to share codes that are not set up in master files (i.e. files that are shared by all companies and modules, such as units of measure, states, earn types, etc.). You can set up separate groups for each company or set up groups in one company and assign those groups to other companies, effectively sharing codes between companies.

Codes that are set up by group include:

  • AR Customer codes

  • AP Vendor and PM Firm codes

  • HQ Materials

  • HQ Tax Codes and Rates

  • JC Phases and Cost Types

  • EM Equipment, Cost, Revenue, Cost Type, and Shop codes

Once you set up the groups you will use, you must then assign them appropriately in HQ Companies. You can assign each company its own groups (customers, vendors, firms, materials, tax, phase/cost type, cost/revenue, and shop) or, you may find it appropriate to share one or more groups among companies. This is especially useful for companies that work with the same materials, vendors, and so forth.

When you first define these codes, they are automatically set up in the Group assigned to the active company. For example, if you assign Tax Group 1 to Company 1, any tax codes you set up while Company 1 is active will automatically be set up in Tax Group 1. If any other company shares this group, it will automatically have access to the updated information.

Note: If tax codes and/or material categories and codes are to be shared by multiple companies, the GL accounts, JC phases, and JC cost types you assign to those codes must exist in each company.

Sharing Files