Material Setup

You can set up materials for use when processing material requisitions, purchases, sales, or use in the Headquarters module. Additionally, you can create categories to group modules together.

Once you set up materials in the HQ Materials form, you must assign each material to one of the categories you created in HQ Material Categories. Categories group materials together, allowing you to set up overrides to material costs by vendor/category.

After defining materials in Headquarters, you should carefully consider making any changes as it may have an effect on processing or information storage.

Once you have begun processing material purchases and sales, you should not change the standard unit of measure for any material, especially if you are using the Inventory module. The system will not convert the detail set up for the original U/M to correspond with the new U/M, which may result in incorrect totals and counts. If you find it necessary to change the standard U/M for a material, it is suggested that you set up the selected material as a new material with the revised standard U/M.

If using the Material Sales (MS) module, it is strongly recommended that you do not change the material category or the sales U/M. As with the standard U/M, the system will not convert current data to correspond with the changes. This may cause incorrect totals, and the Sales Analysis Report (MS) will not accurately reflect the changes.

If you want to change an option, but are unsure of the effect it may have on processing or existing data, contact Viewpoint Support.