About the HQ Reviewers Form

Use this form to create and maintain a list of employees that can review and sign off unapproved invoices in Accounts Payable and requisitions/quotes in Purchase Order.

Unapproved invoices are invoices entered in AP Unapproved Invoice Entry that require a review process before they can be posted or invoices that lack information that would prevent creation of regular AP transactions. These invoices are held apart from the AP transactions that are created using AP Transaction Entry and tracked separately pending review/completion and approval. At least one Reviewer must be assigned to each line of these unapproved invoices, and they must pass an approval process before they can be posted as a transaction.

Requisitions are requests for materials that are needed to replenish on-hand stock, complete work on work orders, or that are allocated to jobs. Quotes allow for soliciting pricing from multiple vendors before purchasing materials. Many companies require that requisitions and/or quotes be approved before they are submitted for purchase. If approval is required, you must assign at least one Reviewer to the requisition and/or quote line, and each reviewer must approve the line before it can be processed further.