Create a Standard Note

You can use the HQ Standard Note form to set up standard and/or frequenty used information such as billing procedures, shipping procedures, special requirements, or company policies.

Once you set up a standard note, it can be bulled into header or item notes in various forms throughout the system (for example: subcontracts, purchase orders, change orders, and work orders).
  1. In the Standard Note field, enter a code, up to 10 characters (no single quotes), that uniquely identifies this note.
  2. In the Description field, enter a description of this note, up to 30 characters.
  3. in the Created By field, enter the name of the person who created this note, up to 20 characters.
  4. In the Creation Date field, enter the date this note was created.
  5. In the Notes field, enter the text that will display each time the standard note is pulled into a Notes field.
  6. To add a standard note to a notes field, you can either select Edit > Insert Standard Note from the applicable form or right-click in a notes field and select Standard Notes from the context menu.