Set Data Level Security for Existing Tables and Forms

You can add data level security to existing database tables or forms.

In order to add data level security to an existing table or form, you must associate it with a company.
  1. In the UD User Table and Form Setup form, in the Table Name field, select the custom table/form to which you want to add security.
  2. Create a new "company" column for the table.
    Note: The new “company” column cannot be named “Co” as that name is reserved for the Company column generated when the Company Based check box has been selected. Other variations on “company” are allowed (e.g., Company, company, comp, etc.).
  3. Assign the column the company datatype associated with the datatype that requires security. Typically, this is the same datatype as the majority of the securable datatypes reference companies. For example, if a column was added with the APCo (AP Company) datatype referenced, the company datatype would be APCo. The company datatype is not always apparent for every datatype. The following table displays the associated company datatypes with these other securable datatypes.
    If the datatype that requires securing is:Then the company datatype should be:













  4. Click Update Table to save the table.
  5. Access VA Data Security Setup and lookup the Datatype that requires security.
  6. Verify that the UD table name appears on the Secure Tables tab.
  7. Enter the UD table name in the Table Name column.
  8. Enter the name of the field that requires security in the Instance Column.
  9. Enter the name of the company datatype in the Qualifier Column.
  10. Select the In Use check box for the field.
  11. Click Regenerate Views to access the VA View Generator.
  12. Follow the instructions for adding tables in the VA View Generator help. For more information, refer to VA View Generator. Data level security is now set for the custom table.