About Applying Form Security Settings

Apply form security settings.

Once you have filtered the grid in VA Form Security you can assign form security to groups or users. You can assign security in two ways:

  • initialize the same security settings to all groups or users in the grid, or
  • manually assign form security to each group or user

If VA Security Administration is turned on, you may be restricted to applying form security in only some company/module combinations. For more information, see About the VA Security Administration Form.

Note: It is recommended that you give all users global access to VP module forms in all companies (select the Global check box in the Companies box and the VP check box in the Modules box). You can set security restrictions on VP forms, but without access to these forms, users cannot properly use the system.
Important: The system requires that you assign at least one person with Global (All Company) access to the VA Form Security form and will not allow you to remove access to the form for a user if no one else has permission to access it. If you need to remove Global permissions from this user, you must first assign another user with Global access to the VA Form Security form.

Initialize Security Settings to All Groups or Users in the Grid

Manually Assign Security to Each Group or User