About the VA Attachment Type Security Form

Use this form to set security on attachment types.

You can use attachment type security to set up security on documents based on their associated attachment type.

Setting security is useful when certain documents are confidential, and you do not want all users to have access. For example, you could restrict access to the HR Drug Test Results, HR Employment App, and other attachment types that are usually associated with documents that may contain sensitive information.

Note: Even though users may have been given access to an attachment type, to view documents that are attached to a data record, those users must have permissions to view the record in the form. See VA Form Security for giving users access to forms.

These access levels are available for attachment type security access:

  • Allowed – Use this option to grant access for the specified attachment type.

  • None – This option does not set any specific access to the attachment type. It is most commonly used at the user level to defer security to the group level.

Assign security for all users prior to allowing them access to the system. To ease administrative efforts, it is recommended that you assign security to groups of users. For more information on security groups, refer to VA Security Groups.

While security groups apply the same security settings to all associated users, some users require specific security settings that no one group provides. In this case, you can use VA Attachment Type Security to customize individual user settings, but keep the user associated with the group. To learn more, see About the Interaction Between Group and User Level Security Settings.

Setting Security for Attachment Types