About the VA Form Security Form

Use this form to establish security settings for forms.

Setting security is useful when forms may display confidential information and you do not want to allow access to all users.

This form allows you to establish form access levels, as well as permission settings for records and attachments. Access levels and permission settings work together to establish form security for security groups and individual users; form access levels determine whether you can access a form or tab, while record and attachment permissions determine how you can interact with the form’s data records or associated attachments.

Important: The system requires that you have a minimum of one person per company with access to this form. It is recommended that you assign at least one person with Global (All Company) access to VA Form Security. If you need to remove Global permissions from this user, make sure you first assign another user with Global access to VA Form Security.

Vista Web Form Security

The Vista Web forms display for all users. You can select Show Accessible Only in security to only show forms that you have access to. With access, opening the Vista Web forms opens a browser window. If you are not currently logged into your Vista Web account, the log in screen displays. Once logged in, the selected form displays.

For more information, see Vista Web Forms.

Changing the Grid Display

To change the display in the grid, check the Grouping checkbox. The grid then displays in a standard table format, which allows for filtering by specific values in each column. If desired, you can then regroup the grid into a custom hierarchy by dragging column headers to the gray area along the top of the grid. Additionally, you can use a wildcard (*, %) to filter information in the grid. For example, if you want to filter for all AP forms, enter *AP in the filter bar under the Mod column.

Before using this form to assign security, you will want to understand how group and user security interact. For more information, see About the Interaction Between Group and User Level Security Settings.

Setting Form Security