About the VA Report Security Form

Use this form to set security for reports.

Setting security is useful when reports may display confidential information and you do not want to allow access to all users.

When using this form to set security, you set filtering criteria in the upper portion of the form and then set security access by security groups or individual users.

Before using this form to assign report security, you will want to understand how group and user security interact. For more information, see About the Interaction Between Group and User Level Security Settings.

  • Using the Report Information report first to help determine access levels - The Report Information report in the RP module displays a description of each report and can include the tables, parameters, sort fields, formulas, etc. This may give you a general idea of which reports users should have access to. When generating the Report Information report, you should run it for only a few reports at a time due to the size of the report.
    Note: If you have made any changes to a report's layout, you must run the RP Report Layout program before running the Report Information report to ensure all changes are properly updated to the RPRF (Report Objects) table.
  • Setting report security - Administrators can use these steps to assign report security permissions to users and groups. Follow the steps below to set up security on reports. For more information, see the links in each step:
  1. Filter the grid to select the groups and users to which you will apply report access levels. See Filtering the VA Report Security Grid.
  2. Apply report security settings to the selected users and groups. See Applying Report Security Settings.