About the VP Module Forms

A list of the forms included in the VP module, as well as a description of their function.

The VP module does not appear in the main menu. Use of the the term appears only in the VA Form Security form, and it refers to a collection of forms that are not associated with a particular module or company.

You can set security restrictions for this collection of forms, but use caution to avoid adverse situations.

Set form security at the Global level, as these forms are not company specific and without access to these forms, users cannot properly use the system.

Form TitleFormDescription
About VistaStdAboutUsed to access support contact information and current user information. You can open this form by selecting Help > About Vista from the main application window.
Batch SelectionBatchAddAppears when opening all batch entry forms. For more information, see Batch Selection.
Change Active InformationVPChangeActiveInfoUsed to change the active information for jobs, projects, and pay periods. For more information, see Change Active Information.
Change CompanyVPChangeCompanyUsed to change the current company. For more information, see Changing the active company.
Change PasswordVAChangePasswordUsed to change user password. More information.
Color ThemesVPColorsUsed to change color theme. More information.
Configurations FormStdVersionsUsed to review the software configuration details. More information
Crystal Report LauncherRPRunUsed to enter report parameters for Crystal reports. More information
Crystal Report ViewerRPViewerUsed to view Crystal reports. More information
Edit Web LinksVPEditLinkUsed to edit web links for the system’s web browser. More information
Field PropertiesFieldPropertiesUsed to set default override information for fields. More information
Form SearchFilterDatasetUsed to filter records returned to current form. More information
Form PropertiesFormPropertiesUsed to customize the system appearance, as well as reset form/field overrides. More information
Organize Web LinksfrmOrganizeLinksUsed to organize links added to the system’s web browser. More information
RP Report Export OptionsRPExportUsed to export a Crystal report to another format. More information
SQL Forced Password ChangeStdForcedPasswordChangeUsed to create a new password when the current one expires.
Std Note CopyStdNoteCopyUsed to add standard notes to Notes textboxes. More information
Support Request FormStdSupportRequestUsed to send support requests when Microsoft Outlook is not installed on your system.
Unlock SessionVPUnlockSessionUsed to lock/unlock current software session. More information
User OptionsVPOptionsUsed to set software options by user. More information
VP Logged On UsersVPLoggedOnUsersUsed to view all logged on users. Also used to send email to logged on users. More information