Adding Users to Security Groups with VA User Profile

Once you have created security groups, you can add users to them.

Using VA User Profile to add users to security groups is typically done if you are adding users to the system after group security has first been implemented. Making users in this form will update that group in VA Security Groups.

You must have been given form security access to VA Security Groups to add or delete users from security groups. In addition, you must have form security access to all of the companies in which that security group is used.

To add users to Security Groups with VA User Profile:

  1. In VA User Profile, in the User Name field, enter the user's user name, or press F4 for a list of valid users.
  2. Select the Security Groups tab. The tab displays all security groups assigned to the user.
  3. In the Security Group field, enter the group number, or press F4 to select from a list of available security groups. 
You can also delete security groups from this user from this tab by selecting a security group record and clicking the Delete button on the toolbar.