About the VA Data Security Access Form

Use this form to assign security groups access to secured datatypes. When assigning security, you must filter for all instances of a datatype and assign security to security groups. You cannot assign datatype security to individual users.

There are two access levels available for data security access:

  • Allowed – Use this option to allow access to the datatype for the selected security group.

  • Not Allowed – Use this option to not allow access to the datatype for the selected security group.

You can also use this form to maintain data level security for orphaned records so that users have the ability to access any associated detail that may still exist in the system. For example, if data level security is set up for a contract, and then you purge the contract/job, you can maintain the security for that job in this form, so that associated details (e.g., invoices, payments, reports, etc.) are still accessible.

Prior to assigning access here, you must secure the datatype in VA Data Security Setup.

Note: Restricting access to a specific module or form does not prevent unauthorized users from accessing restricted data from another module or form, or even in a related inquiry or report. You must secure the datatype and associated tables to ensure restricted access. Tasks

Assigning Security to Secured Datatypes