About the VA Security Administration Form

This form is available only if the Enable Security Administration check box has been selected in VA Site Settings.

Use this form to restrict a user's security administrator permissions to administering security in only specific company/module combinations in VA Form Security and VA Report Security.

You can access the VA Security Administration form only if you have been created as a Master Security Administrator. For more information, see Creating a Master Security Administrator.

Initialize Security Access

You can initialize security to set access levels to company/module combinations for the user listed in the grid by clicking the Initialize Access Level button on the VA Security Administration form.

The access levels available to apply to selected users are as follows:

  • Allowed - grants access to all company/module combinations for the selected users.

  • None - does not grant any specific access to any company/module combination for the specified users.

Click the links below for more information about using this form.

Restricting Security Form Access to Specific Company/Module Combinations

Turning on the VA Security Administration Form