Adding Multiple Users to a Security Group

Use the VA Add Users to Group form to add multiple users to a security group at one time.

To add multiple users to a security group:

  1. In VA Security Groups, click Add Multiple Users.
  2. In VA Add Users to Group form, click Add Multiple Users in VA Security Groups. The VA Add Users to Group form displays.
  3. Enter the security group in the Security Group field or accept the default. The field defaults to the active group on VA Security Groups. The Unassigned Users text box displays all users not currently assigned to the group.
    Note: If you enter a new security group, click Refresh to display users not assigned to the group.
  4. In the Unassigned Users text box, select all users to add to the group.
  5. Click Apply. A confirmation message displays.
  6. Click Yes to add the users to the group. The system closes the confirmation message window.
  7. Click OK to close VA Add Users to Group. The users display on the Users tab in VA Security Groups.