Creating Security Groups

You can use VA Security Groups to create security groups.

Security groups provide a way of administering permissions over a group of users rather than setting requirements by individual user.

Note: It is recommended that the system administrator create a security group named “Standard Viewpoint Forms” that has access to VP forms. Forms not assigned to a specific form or module (for example, Batch Selection, Field Properties, etc.) are VP forms. You should associate all users with this group in all companies.

To create a security group:

  1. Enter a unique number for the group in the Security Group field. Press F4 to view a list of existing security groups.
  2. Enter the group’s name in the Name field.
  3. Select a group type from the Group Type drop-down field.
    Note: Available group types include Data, Program, Reports, and Attachment Type. The selected group type determines the type of security that you will use for the group. If users need a larger range of access, add them to multiple groups.
  4. Enter an optional description for the group in the Description field.
  5. Assign users to the group. See About Adding Users to Security Groups
  6. Save the record as normal.

    Prior to deleting a security group, you must remove all users from the group. If any users exist for the group, the system does not allow deletion. To delete a group, press the Delete button or select Edit > Delete.