Initialize Tab Security to All Groups or Users

If you want to set the same tab access level for all groups or users in the VA Tab Security grid at once, you can use the initialization feature.

The following instructions detail how to initialize the same security settings to all items in the grid.
  1. In VA Form Security, filter for the appropriate records. For more information, see Filtering the VA Form Security Grid.
  2. Select a record in the grid and select 1-By Tab from the Access column drop-down.
    Note: You can also initialize this access level to multiple records in the VA Form Security grid. For more information see Applying Form Security Settings.
  3. Click the Apply button. Select the record again and click the Tab Security button. The VA Tab Security form displays with the company, form, and the specific security group (or user) set from VA Form Security.
  4. In the VA Tab Security form, select an access level from the Select security section.
  5. Click the Initialize button. All tabs in the VA Tab Security grid now display the specified access level.
    Important: Be very careful to filter information correctly before initializing. When you click Initialize, the system changes all records in the grid, not just those that are visible.
  6. Change the access level in the VA Tab Security grid for specific tabs as necessary. For more information, seeManually Set Tab Security to Each Group or User.
  7. Click Apply. The system displays a confirmation dialog box.
  8. Click Close. The system returns focus to VA Form Security.