Turning on the VA Security Administration Form

Turn on the VA Security Administration Form.

Important: The Security Administration functionality is turned on using the VA Site Settings form. This functionality gives to the first user to select this setting the ability to restrict other users' ability to administer security in VA Form Security and VA Report Security. For this reason, it is strongly suggested that you carefully consider which users should have access to VA Site Settings, and assign form security to it using VA Form Security appropriately.

To turn on the form and enable Security Administration:

  1. Confirm that you already have been given Global access to all companies in VA Form Security. (If you do not have access, the form's icon will be grayed out in the Viewpoint Administration Programs menu.)
  2. In VA Site Settings, select the Enable Security Administration check box. Selecting the check box makes the first user to do so the first Master Security Administrator and enables the VA Security Administration form.
  3. Click OK.

    Once the check box is selected, only a Master Security Administrator can clear it. For all other users, the check box will be grayed out. For more information, see VA Security Administration.