About Creating Custom Fields

When creating a field, determine the need for the field. Based on the form, think about what kind of additional data the field should store and the field type (for example, text, numeric, date, or month).

Once you define the field requirements, use VA Custom Fields Wizard to create the field.

Note: The number of custom fields that you can add to individual forms may be limited due to space constraints. The specific form/grid defines custom field limitations.
Note: Make sure to specify the correct form. Some "secondary" forms are accessed by double-clicking on a tab or field, or clicking a menu option or button on a related form. If you want to add a field to the secondary form, make sure you specify that form. For example, in PR Employees, you can access PR Employee Dedns/Liabs by double-clicking on the grid on the Dedns/Liabs tab. If you want to add a field to the Dedns/Liabs tab, add it to the PR Employees Dedns/Liabs form, not PR Employees.

The links below cover tasks related to creating custom fields, but do not cover the entire process of creating a new custom field. For more information, press F1 in any field in the Custom Fields Wizard to access help on that field.

About Assigning a Field Type

About Adding Fields to Multiple Forms

Change the Position of a Field on the Form

About Using Pre-Defined Datatypes