VA Inquiries Form

Use this form to create and maintain queries, which you can add to Dashboard, Project Management, Service Management, and/or Accounting Work Centers.

Inquiries are two or more queries that are linked together so that users can drill-through from one query to another.

There are several types of queries:

  • View - Use this type of query to display information from a table or view. This is the easiest type of query to create because you don't need to know SQL to create one.

  • SQL - Use this type of query to create a full SQL statement. You must have an understanding of SQL to use create this type of query.

  • Form - These are system queries that allow you to add a query to a custom tab on a form. You cannot create new form queries.

  • Dispatch - This type of query (standard or custom) is used with the Service Management Dispatch Board to filter work orders based on specific criteria.

You can add inquiries to Work Centers so that they display specific information. For example, you can write you own SQL SELECT statement and then add that query to a Work Center.

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