Viewing Messages in VA Messages

The VA Messages form displays all of your messages that arrive via a Notifier job or because an assigned checklist item is ready (use WF User Tasks to complete checklist items).

The form initially displays the Grid tab, showing all of your notifications.

To view a message:

  1. Open the VA Messages form from the VA Programs folder or by clicking the pop-up icon from the system tray of your desktop
  2. Select the message on the Grid tab and click the Info tab. The message displays, citing the source of the notification (Notifier job, Workflow, PR Leave Request, AP Unapproved, Project Notes, Document Review, or Imports), the date sent, as well as whom the message was sent, who was sent a courtesy copy, the subject, and the body of the message.
  3. Once you have read a message, select the Read checkbox. This helps to distinguish new messages from old ones.