About the VA User Template Copy Form

Access this form from VA Menu Templates by selecting File > Copy Template.

Use this form in conjunction with VA Process User Temp Copy to create subfolders in the My Tasks folder for users. These subfolders are based on folder templates created in VA Menu Templates, and contain the items (forms and reports) specified for the template. Additionally, you can use the two forms to copy existing subfolders and add them to a user's My Tasks folder, or create a folder template based on that existing subfolder and its items.

You will use this form to define the source you are copying information from (whether it is a folder template or an existing user subfolder), as well as the destination that you are copying information to (users or templates). You will use VA Process User Temp Copy to define the exact folder items that the system will copy, and to initiate the copy process.

Copying Folder Templates

Creating Templates Based on Subfolders

Creating Subfolders with Templates

Copying Subfolders