Copying Folder Templates

You can use VA User Template Copy to copy the settings of an existing folder template (VA Menu Templates) to create a new template.

This is most useful when you might want a variation of a standard template (the system does not allow modification of standard templates in VA Menu Templates).

The following instructions detail how to copy folder templates.

  1. From VA Menu Templates, select File > Copy Template. The system displays the VA User Template Copy form.
  2. In the Source section of the form, select the Template radio button. To the right of the radio button, specify the user or template. Press F4 for a list of available templates.
  3. In the Destination section of the form, select the New Template radio button.
  4. Enter a name for the new template in the Name field.
  5. Enter the associated module in the Module field.
    Note: When you associate a module with this template, users can create a subfolder based on this template in the root folder for the module on the Folders pane of the Main Menu. For more information on users adding subfolders to the Folders pane, see Menu Tab or Main Menu Options. In order for this function to work, however, you must first activate the template. See Creating and Managing Folder Templates for more information.
  6. Click Initialize. The system displays the VA Process User Temp Copy form.
  7. Use the arrow buttons between the Source and Copy selection boxes to specify which items should be copied to the destination template. See VA Process User Temp Copy for more information on the use of this form.
  8. Click Apply. The system displays a success message.