Creating and Managing Folder Templates

You can use VA Menu Templates to create and manage folder templates.

You can then use these templates to create subfolders for an individual user's (or group of users) My Tasks folder (Main Menu).

The following instructions detail how to create folder templates using VA Menu Templates.

You can also create templates by copying existing templates or basing them on other subfolders. See Copying Folder Templates and Creating Templates Based on Subfolders for more information.

  1. In VA Menu Templates, enter N, New, or + in the Folder Template # field.
The system defaults the next available number.
    Note: The system begins numbering custom templates at 10,000. This helps to distinguish them from the standard templates that arrive with the system.
  2. Enter a name for the folder in the Folder Title field.
  3. Enter the module to associate with the folder in the Module field. Press F4 for a list of modules.
  4. Check the Active box if you want this template available for use when users add subfolders to folders in the Folders pane on the Menu tab of the Main Menu.
    Note: By associating a module with this template (step 3) and checking the Active check box, users can create a subfolder based on this template in the root folder for the module on the Folders pane of the Main Menu. For more information on users adding subfolders to the Folders pane, see Menu Tab or Menu Options .
  5. Add menu items for the folder using the Menu Items tab. See Adding Menu Items to Folder Templates for more information.